From research to customised professional services

We are a team of experienced researchers, with a strong background on ICT, focusing on transforming research results to innovative market solutions and rich user experience

Who we are

INFALIA is a spin-off company of the Information Technologies Institute of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), specialised in the provision of web and mobile app solutions and tools addressing the needs of the event and the urban eco-system. Our mission is to build rich web and mobile apps with powerful back-end services and turn big data into awareness for our customers.

INFALIA’s technology delivers apps that enhance the entertainment and urban experience by providing intuitive features, location-aware and aesthetically pleasing interfaces in the attendees’ smartphones. We leverage big data and social media analytics to capture the pulse of large events and help event organisers comprehend the impact of their events on visitors and attendees. We also facilitate the direct citizen-government communication and collaboration by engaging citizens, harvesting their input and analysing the collected data to turn them into awareness for the decision makers.

We provide our services across Europe bringing quality, innovation and insights to our customers

Why us

The four cornerstones that comprise our philosophy are innovation, quality, responsibility and result – orientation. As a team we are not just technology providers. Having taken part in numerous trade shows, conferences and events we know what makes users happy as well as how to offer a valuable and engaging experience and this is what we apply to our products and services.

We are unique because we bring:

  • Expertise in developing high-quality user-friendly applications
  • Innovation in the use of social media and the web for offering valuable information services
  • Research excellence in the following scientific fields

What we do

INFALIA’s experience derives from the participation of its founders in a sound number of european and national research projects. Since 2014 we have managed to combine research and corporate demands towards original, robust, and leading-edge business solutions for our customers in the fields:

Smart cities & e-Government

mobile and city

Data science & social media analytics

mobile and city

Cyber security & incident detection

mobile and city

Educational technology & e-Learning

mobile and city

e-Accessibility & digital transformation

mobile and city

Visual analytics

mobile and city
deepcube logo is just text

DeepCube H2020 RIA

On going project

Explainable AI pipelines for big Copernicus data

a spider on a shield



A Cybersecurity Platform for Virtualised 5G Cyber Range Services

two red abstract persons

WeGovNow H2020 RIA


Towards #WeGovernment: Collective and participative approaches for addressing local policy challenges

chain link

PREV-HED Erasmus+

On going

Prevention of sexual violence and harassment in higher education

four squares

SmartROOT Erasmus+


Smart Farming Innovation Training

two abstract trees

Virtual Hackathon Erasmus+


Leverage the creative, visual and action-oriented features of Design Thinking

vetvoices logo is just text

VETVoices Erasmus+


Self-Guidance and Motivation for Career-Seeking Refugees

the letter U

UNIFORS Erasmus+


Universities for future work skills 2020

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Virtual Reality Rehabilitation @ Home

Market solutions

city buildings improve my city logo

Improve My City

ImproveMyCity is a platform that enables residents to directly report to their public administration local issues about their neighbourhood such as discarded trash bins, faulty street lights, broken tiles on sidewalks, illegal advertising boards, and more. The reported issues are automatically transmitted to the appropriate office in public administration so as to schedule their settlement.

Reporting is feasible both through a web- and a smartphone-based front-end that adopt a map-based visualization, which makes reporting a user-friendly and intriguing process. The management and routing of incoming issues is performed through a back-end infrastructure that serves as an integrated management system with easy to use interfaces.

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