A Cybersecurity Platform for Virtualised 5G Cyber Range Services

a spider on a shieldSPIDER delivers an innovative Cyber Range as a Service platform that extends and combines the capabilities of existing telecommunication testbeds and cyber ranges into a unified facility for: (i) testing new security technologies; (ii) training modern cyber defenders in near real-world conditions; and (iii) supporting organisations and relevant stakeholders in making optimal cybersecurity investment decisions. Towards this vision, it features integrated tools for cyber testing including advanced emulation tools, novel training methods based on active learning, as well as econometric models based on real-time emulation of modern cyber attacks. CyberLens will lead the effort of implementing the SPIDER cybersecurity investment component, an investment decision support tool capable of managing cyber risks by providing a clear picture of their likelihood and individual impact, including forecasting their evolution in and against 5G infrastructures.

The role of Infalia in SPIDER is to bring its experience on data collection and visual analytics by leading T3.5. In particular, Infalia is responsible for building the 5G data collection toolkit which will be in position to gather
the network flows of the 5G testbed. Additionally, Infalia will develop the visualisation toolkit for showcasing the data collected and analysed by the SPIDER components through intuitive and userfriendly dashboards. In the context of WP2, Infalia contributes to the Use Case elaboration and helps to define the overall SPIDER architecture. Infalia also contributes to the incident detection mechanisms of T3.4, the attack generation framework of T3.3, and the gamification for 5G security training (T4.5).

Call: H2020-SU-DS-2018-2019-2020
Budget: 7,476,908.50 EUR
Topic: SU-DS01-2018
Type of action: Innovation Action
Duration: July 2019 – June 2022