Why should you invest in an event app?

Mobile-event-AppsAs event managers you are constantly looking for ways to improve your events' return on investment while boosting value and improved experience for attendees. An active and engaged audience translates into higher quality events, better feedback and a stronger connection between attendees and the event. Mobile technology is a fundamental catalyst that is changing the way meetings are planned and managed, and is dramatically improving audience engagement at events around the world.

Mobile apps have now become an integral part of an event manager's toolkit.

They are no longer an option but a necessity and a huge opportunity. If attendees are already digitally connected with others before they arrive at the event, they will be looking to take those relationships and conversations to the next level. The point then is to leverage the device that’s always at hand to deliver on that expectation.

Mobile technology can provide a flexible, scalable and customizable platform that can be used as effectively for an enterprise event as it can for a public conference. And it can provide all participants with a growing suite of services that were never before available; creating a new channel that transforms events into dynamic yearlong conversations. 

As an event organizer what do you win by investing in a mobile application tailored to your event's needs?

  1. you have a great tool to engage with your visitors  geolocated tweets
  2. attendees are kept up to date with news and changes
  3. you have a new communication channel for your sponsors
  4. you are able to mobilize and gamify your event
  5. you improve the event experience for your attendees
  6. you drive visitors' loyalty 
  7. you save costs and promote a green and environmental frendly paperless event guide
  8. you convert your users into your event's ambassadors
  9. you elevate your event and make a great first impression
  10. toy tap into new technologies to change your event and deliver more value to stakeholders

To say that event-goers are never without their smartphones is an understatement and the expectations to deliver more than functionality are at its highest. Be part of the mobile wave and make the most out of it.