The new #ImproveMyCity site is out.

StageVideoBalloonWe are happy to announce the new website of the ImproveMyCity platform. You can visit the site to:

  • Get informed about the updated list of features, explaining also how they are used to facilitate the service model of ImproveMyCity (Report - Administer - Analyze)
  • Interact with a fully functional Live Demo where anyone can have a “hands on” experience of the Reporting, Administration & Analytics services offered by the platform.
  • Witness ImproveMyCity going global through a map that shows all active installations around the world and links to the original websites.
  • Get a price for a number of additional tools and services that can leverage the ImproveMyCity experience for your town. All tools and services are outlined with their corresponding price and a package builder can help you to select the desired features, calculating the total price automatically.


Visit the website to find out more.

FestKass: The official app for the 22nd Kassandra Festival

Every summer lots of concerts, theatrical plays and performances for adults and children as well as a variety of side events take place in Halkidiki in the context of the Kassandra Festival. lineup

In 2014, music, theater, culture and a unique exhibition with photos of the great Greek Melina Merkouri are the three elements that make up the 22nd Kassandra Festival. infalia is happy to have partnered with e-Halkidiki to enhance the experience of the year's Kassandra Festival's spectators with a mobile app.

FestKass is the official app for the 22nd Kassandra Festival. Through the app, you can browse the festival program, the side events and the exhibition, as well as the points of ticket sales, using your smartphone. The app works even with no Internet connection. Use it and start planning! Available for iPhone and android, Download and enjoy!

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infalia in John and Mary Papajohn Innovation Competition

infalia2infalia recently participated in a Business Innovation Competition organized by the Anatolia School of Business and subsidized by John and Mary Papajohn. Our participation was selected among almost 150 submitted ideas and made it to the final with other 19 already established startups or ideas from groups of young entrepreneurs based in its innovation, the viability and growth potential of the proposed project and the team cohesion and communication skills.  

The finalists and winners were awarded during a special event that took place last Wednesday in the premises of the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art. We would like to thank the organizers for the whole initiative and procedure of the competition and congratulate the winners for the nice and out of the box ideas that we came across with. We strongly believe in the potential of such initiatives so as to make Thessaloniki an entrepreneurship and innovation hub and are very happy to have been part of it and received very valuable feedback. 


Introducing infalia in CAiSE 2014

infalia was invited to participate in an industrial panel organized in the context of CAiSE 2014. Spiros Nikolopoulos, delivered a very intersting presentation on how to transform social media analytics research results to products and services addressed to the events' industry and smart cities' field. 

You may find the presentation slides here and also follow us on slideshare to stay updated with lots of interested content made by infalia:

CAiSE 2014 is the 26th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE 2014), held in Thessaloniki, Greece, June 16-20, 2014. The theme for this year's conference is "Information Systems Engineering in Times of Crisis"with the objective to provide a forum for the exchange of experience, research results, ideas and prototypes between the research community and industry, in the field of information systems engineering. To find more about the conference and the industrial panel click here.



How much data is generated every second?

Have you ever wondered how much data is generated every second? This amazing infographic by Pennystocks shows how the internet grows in real time. A must-see if you are interested in big data. Processing, making sense of and searching in this huge avalanche of information and multimedia is, to say the least, challenging. With no signs of slowing, the data keeps growing and we are here to help make sense out of it!

Click the image to open the interactive version (via Penny Stocks Lab). 

Infalia is selected to proceed to the 3rd phase of the Business Plan Competition organized by Anatolia School of Business

Business-PlanInfalia is happy to announce that we got selected to proceed to the 3rd and last phase of the Business Plan Competition organized by the Anatolia School of Business in Thessaloniki to win the John and Mary Pappajohn Business Plan Award. The Business Plan Competition of Anatolia School of Business, subsidized by John & Mary Pappajohn is open to young people interested in starting up their own business.  John & Mary Pappajohn Business Plan Awards will offer 5 prizes of 4,000 Euros each to the top 5 business plans that will be evaluated as the best ones among those submitted to the contest. Right now we are in full preparations to refine our business plan based on the ideas submitted in March. So wish us good luck!

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Smart Cities, Big Data and Urban technologies

urban planningBy 2030, more than 5 billion people will live in urban settings. Mashable says that before we get to that kind of population density, we have to optimize our cities. We need to make them smarter and better; technology can help. To improve urban living standards cities worldwide are encouraged to collaborate with technologists, to leverage big data and user generated content as welll as smartphones and social media penetration in every corner of the globe. Whether it is about reporting  or creating a useful app, or waste management with high-tech initiatives apps and innovative technologies can help authorities save money and, be more efficient and encourage citizens to become more active and more empowered to participate in what shapes their everyday lives.

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Why should you invest in an event app?

Mobile-event-AppsAs event managers you are constantly looking for ways to improve your events' return on investment while boosting value and improved experience for attendees. An active and engaged audience translates into higher quality events, better feedback and a stronger connection between attendees and the event. Mobile technology is a fundamental catalyst that is changing the way meetings are planned and managed, and is dramatically improving audience engagement at events around the world.

Mobile apps have now become an integral part of an event manager's toolkit.

They are no longer an option but a necessity and a huge opportunity. If attendees are already digitally connected with others before they arrive at the event, they will be looking to take those relationships and conversations to the next level. The point then is to leverage the device that’s always at hand to deliver on that expectation.

Mobile technology can provide a flexible, scalable and customizable platform that can be used as effectively for an enterprise event as it can for a public conference. And it can provide all participants with a growing suite of services that were never before available; creating a new channel that transforms events into dynamic yearlong conversations. 

As an event organizer what do you win by investing in a mobile application tailored to your event's needs?

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