Improve my City in the 81st Thessaloniki International Fair

In the context of the 81st Thessaloniki International Fair, the mayor of Thessaloniki Greece, Giannis Mpoutaris and his staff organized an event to showcase our platform Improve my City to the community and attendants.  The event took place in the Municipality of Thessaloniki pavilion at the Thesaloniki International Fair and was a hit!

According to latest data from the mayor of Thessaloniki, Greece, the platform has decreased the time needed for administrators to process citizen issues by 80%. Also the response time to solve citizen issues has decreased by 40% - 70% a fact that proves how mobile and innovative ICT can help city officials to become more intelligent and efficient in the use of resources, resulting in cost and energy savings, improved service delivery and ultimately better urban living standards for citizens.


itsam IMC


Not only Thessaloniki is catching up the smart cities momentum. In fact, Improve My City, has been platform getting adopted by municipalities at an increasing rate throughout the past years, as a direct citizen-government communication & collaboration. If you are eager to find out more visit the links:

Improve My City website
> Improve My City in Municipality of Thessaloniki