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Can Thessaloniki become a hub for novel tech startups and attract talent? That was the main discussion topic in an event co-organized by ViLabs and CERTH on February 5th 2016 in Technopolis, in the context of Startup Europe Week Thessaloniki.

Participants had the opportunity to find out about and engage in discussions regarding: 

> The local startup ecosystem i.e. infrastructures such as incubators, accelerators, and collaborative workspaces;

> Funding opportunities (national and European funding programmes);

> The local initiatives for the support of startup entrepreneurship from public authorities.

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As an innovative spinoff of CERTH, infalia was invited and presented along with E2SOL as great business cases of projects coordinated by CERTH. As the event was a great opportunity for information exchange and networking among startups, professionals, students and researchers, we are very happy to have been part of it.  It was certainly an event that offered a wealth of knowledge and experience that will allow even greater similar intitiatives to take place in Thessaloniki for which we are looking forward to!

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