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With summer being right around the corner, festivals' season is officially on!We, at infalia, are happy to sponsor  Syros International Film Festival 2015! Syros International Film Festival (SIFF) was founded in summer 2012 and first took place August 6-9 2013 in Syros, Greece. Its objective is to create a platform that showcases current Greek and international film. Through screenings and workshops, SIFF aims to make film more accessible to the Syros community and to put the island on the map as a destination for film in Greece.

Syros Film Festival

As creator of the official festival mobile app (available soon for iPhone and android) infalia teamed up with SIFF to ensure the best experience for festival goers with features such as the full program, Film Details, Search and Directions to the various locations. Stay connected and enjoy the screenings!

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