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Business-PlanInfalia is happy to announce that we got selected to proceed to the 3rd and last phase of the Business Plan Competition organized by the Anatolia School of Business in Thessaloniki to win the John and Mary Pappajohn Business Plan Award. The Business Plan Competition of Anatolia School of Business, subsidized by John & Mary Pappajohn is open to young people interested in starting up their own business.  John & Mary Pappajohn Business Plan Awards will offer 5 prizes of 4,000 Euros each to the top 5 business plans that will be evaluated as the best ones among those submitted to the contest. Right now we are in full preparations to refine our business plan based on the ideas submitted in March. So wish us good luck!


Participations will be initially evaluated based on the ideas submitted.  An important part of the evaluation process will also be the entrepreneurial skills of the participants, which will be evaluated during the presentations of their ideas that they will be required to deliver.  The key features that the committee will be looking into are the innovation, the viability and growth potential of the proposed idea.  In parallel participants will be judged based on their communication skills, their enthusiasm and expertise in the sector of the proposed idea. Participations this year (which is also the first year that the competition takes place) exceeded 150 resulting in 20 finalists for the 3rd phase.

We are very enthusiastic about this opportunity to present our spin  off company in the public and showcase our work in what we love: big data and social media analytics.

For more information on the competition you may click here


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