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smartphones_events_mwcWith more than a billion smartphones worldwide, the mobile wave now touches nearly every corner of our world. There is no question, mobile helps streamline and improve our day-to-day interactions and decisions. Social network use has increased significantly in the last few years, in many different areas. The most significant growth relates to culture, lifestyle and entertainment and more specifically to event planning and participation using for example, location-based services and updates to/from popular social networks. This area being revolutionized, promises to create opportunities at the intersection of entertainment and providing information, particularly in the context of large-scale festivals and events. 
Technology and social media are revolutionizing the way events are organized, attended, marketed and evaluated. This infographic created by Julius Solaris, the publisher of the Event Manager Blog really sums up how technology completely revamped the event industry. What can your event do to capitalize on this shift? Click on the infographic to find out more! 

 Courtesy of Event Manager Blog

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